Technology and AI Ethics

I have focused, studied and researched the ethics of artificial intelligence since 2014. The ethically and philosophically fascinating themes and the importance of the topic got me. I found my passion for the ethical considerations of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

Along with my journey, I have examined the more concrete and practical ethical problems posed by the AI technologies. Algorithmic bias, new kinds of security and safety threats, and ever growing worry about our privacy have become the essential topics. I don't leave the broader societal changes without attention either. I believe we have to discuss the issues of the employment and the changing human life also in the organizations and business environments.

The cornerstones of my lecturing and consulting:

1) I am in with my heart: Sometimes something hits harder than the Instagram motivation memes. AI ethics is the topic what motivates me. And it's not even the honeymoon anymore. 

2) Discussion: Ethics is about dialogue. I am not there to provide the correct answers. I am there to raise the attention, to give the tools and frameworks to work it out and to advance the discussion if necessary.

3) The importance: There won't be any more success stories without profound and advanced ethical analysis. The ethical considerations have to be aligned, respected and incorporated in everything coming out from the industry.


Lectures and Training on Technology and AI Ethics

I build my workshops on the idea of ethical design. The core learning objectives are 1) strengthening ethical thinking and discussion 2) introducing the themes of AI ethics 3) providing tools for the ethical design in everyday development work

The workshops are designed based on the target group. AI ethics can and should be considered in various levels of the organizations. Possible perspectives for the workshops:

- Introduction to AI Ethics - with a design twist
- For programmers and developers
- Preparing for strategic technological responsibility

Ethics Reviews

Evaluating and assessing ethical problems and questions related to AI/ML applications and services. Only by agreement.

Technology and AI Ethics Reports

Incorporating AI ethics with corporate responsibility. Do you want to report and introduce your ethical thinking and processes to your stakeholders? I can help with a kick-off workshop or by agreement.