About us

Hailing from Turku, Finland, we are an independent company passionate about future technologies and solutions. We want to build cool and impactful projects using state-of-the-art technologies and protocols. Open Source has always been the key component in our company's daily actions and is still in the center of our company's processes.

Our past history is in Drupal development and hosting services, and we have been working the web development space since 2009.

What we do

ML applications for Rasberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

We believe that Raspberry Pi and Machine Learning is a natural fit. Raspberry Pi as a hardware platform provides mobile, easily extendable and inexpensive development for wide variety of purposes. Utilizing ML can also have tremendous performance and results on the platform.

Right now, the combination offers you possibilities for easy piloting and testing of various machine learning models for physical environments. Our goal is to provide upscaling for these solutions, for example in the fields of public surveillance, crowd analysis and condition data.

Contact us

Kristiinankatu 5 B 9
Turku, Finland
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Juho Vaiste
+358 45 118 7020

Kristian Polso
+358 45 118 7050